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Schedule of the lectures (1st DDS)


at 16:00 (= 4:00 PM)
lecture room 205
Coll. Stomatologicum

February 26

Lecture 1:

Organisation of the biology course
Dr. P. Nowosad

March 4

Lecture 2:

The basic parasitological definitions
Dr. P. Nowosad

March 11

Lecture 3:

Host-parasite relationship as one of ecological examples of interaction between different populations
Prof. N. KuczyŮska-Kippen

March 18

Lecture 4:

Morphological adaptations of parasites to parasitism
Dr. A. Werner

March 25

Lecture 5:

Behavioural adaptations of parasites to parasitism
Dr. P. Nowosad

April 1

Lecture 6:

Metabolic adaptations of parasites to parasitism
Dr. A. Wojtkowiak-Giera

April 22

Lecture 7:

The immunological aspects of host-parasite relationship
Dr. M. Derda

April 29

Lecture 8:

The genetics of human parasites
Dr. P. Solarczyk

May 6

Lecture 9:

The impact of dispersal stages of parasites in food on public health
Dr. A. S≥odkowicz-Kowalska

May 13

Lecture 10:

Factors which have an influence on the appearance of new pathogens related to humans
Dr. £. Skrzypczak

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